Illinois is Broke

The state. The school. Palatine. All of it. Broke as hell. When i was in wisconsin this weekend, i realized something while looking at the forest coated hills draped with clouds. Illinois is flatter than your 4th grade sister. Now this is obvious to anyone, but the point is, this flatness shows that our state has no fucking character. It's like that boring ass person we all know, that we never want to talk to cause he sucks. All I'm asking for are some hills, a mountain, even a desert to keep us interested, but no. Fuck you Illinois, you suck.

To go along with Illinois' brokeness, Palatine also needs to locate an ATM. Or at least someone needs to throw a huge ass party where all of us "not in with it" fuckers can come and get hammered. Or we can just throw killer party's at barret's house, either way.

Few other things that dont involve Illinois or its sucking.
I'm going to be a millionaire by 26 maybe 27 at the latest. Entrepreneurship is where it's at. Look for me and Led on the cover of Fortune, bitches.
I also applied for transfer to Boulder. I'm really, really hoping that getting away from everything and going to Colorado will revive my motivation and my GPA. If not, there's mountains and snowboarding so no matter what it'll be better than U of I ten fold. That is, IF they accept my transfer application. Fucking GPA.


Actually, just a reiteration of the last blog

JEFF GOT SERVED. I feel proud that i can create so much controversy over one little blog, but i also think everyone needs to chill just a little bit. Sit back, drink a bud, turn on the cubs, pet the dog, go kick something...whatever it is thats cools you off.

Now, that being said, I still want to be a Ranger. I know it's hard as fuck to get there. I know that once i get there i WILL be sent to war. No doubt about that. I know i will probably get shot at some point. I know that bullet could kill me. But i could also get plowed over by a DUI walking my dog at night. That's shit you cant control or give a fuck about. You just have to do what your heart guides you to, you have to do what you believe you were put here to do.

And I also dont give 2 shits at WHY im going to whatever war i would be sent to. If i wanted to choose which war is right or wrong id go into politics. You dont join the Army to voice your opinions about the war, you go to fight it, no matter when, where, or against who.

Either way, this is my plan right now. And as of right now I am going to do it. So if and when i do go through with this, when i get deployed to iraq/afghanistan/korea wherever, when i end up getting shot somewhere during that, and when i may end up dying, when you hear about it from someone, that i died fighting for our country, for the guys next to me, remember that you knew it was what i wanted to do, what i believed in, and lived for.


PFC Brian Shears

Private First Class. Lowest of the low for the army. But i really do not care. What I want to do is join the army, get into ranger school, and be just like Black Hawk Down...not the movie aspect...but the real aspect. I want to die for the man next to me. I want to cover my corner, taking aim at the enemy, taking fire, and protecting the men around me. I want to give my life for that, for them. I want to get shot in the back to save someone else's life. I want to sacrifice all that has been given to me for someone else. And i honestly think the Army is how i can do this. So, if I am not at Illinois next semester, you will know why.

Thats it.



Time for some input...

I'd like to start off by saying this Wednesday starting at around 9 pm, until this sunday will all be a drunken blur to me. Can someone holler at that?

Second, here is what I need from you, the person reading this right now. I need you to answer 2 questions for me. Just click on the comments button and type it in, you dont have to put a name, or you can put someone else's name, whatever. BUT, the key to whatever you put is that you are COMPLETELY honest. No bullshit. I'm not asking for bullshit, im asking for the truth.

Question 1: Cliche, yes, but i dont care. What do you think I am best at? Can be anything.

Question 2: What career can you see me doing? Honestly, what can you picture me as, a teacher, a cop, a janitor, a porn star, whatever.

Now I'm not fishing for compliments here, so dont bullshit me with anything. If you think I suck at everything in life, tell me.

So thank you if you actually wrote a comment. If not you are immediately taken off the "list", that is if you were any good enough to grace it in the first place.

The Bard at the Ballpark


A Girl

***NEWS FLASH::Brian Shears Punk'D again when dead bee placed on his computer::No serious trauma::In Fact, he wasnt even that scared, just shocked there was a dead bee on his computer::Also just in::Keith and Jeff Suck.***

Originally, I was going to write a blog on formal, and how it was and what i did, etc, etc...basically some boring ass shit nobody cares to read because they weren't there. Now instead I will write about what I actually have some emotion about. Which is a situation i find myself in due to formal. Only problem is, writing this will probably hurt me a lot more than it will help, due to the fact I will probably come off as creepy, or weird, or something. But I'm not writing this to be creepy, I'm just trying to use it as a way to get out what im feeling. So, I guess here goes, and if you find me creepy after reading this, I'm sorry.

How do you know when you fall for someone?
How do you know that it's real?
What if it's just something forced,
something pretend, or not sincere.

How do you tell her?
Without coming on too strong.
But needing to show that you like her,
That she's not just another girl.

I guess it's just one more fine line,
something we all must deal with.
But i dont want to ruin what this is,
whatever it is, that this may be.

And I knew when I laid there,
Just held both her hands.
I could see her through the darkness,
Not an inch from her face.
Her breathing was all I heard,
Her heartbeat all i felt.
And I just closed my eyes,
Lying right by her side,
With a certain satisfaction,
Of falling asleep in her arms.