A Girl

***NEWS FLASH::Brian Shears Punk'D again when dead bee placed on his computer::No serious trauma::In Fact, he wasnt even that scared, just shocked there was a dead bee on his computer::Also just in::Keith and Jeff Suck.***

Originally, I was going to write a blog on formal, and how it was and what i did, etc, etc...basically some boring ass shit nobody cares to read because they weren't there. Now instead I will write about what I actually have some emotion about. Which is a situation i find myself in due to formal. Only problem is, writing this will probably hurt me a lot more than it will help, due to the fact I will probably come off as creepy, or weird, or something. But I'm not writing this to be creepy, I'm just trying to use it as a way to get out what im feeling. So, I guess here goes, and if you find me creepy after reading this, I'm sorry.

How do you know when you fall for someone?
How do you know that it's real?
What if it's just something forced,
something pretend, or not sincere.

How do you tell her?
Without coming on too strong.
But needing to show that you like her,
That she's not just another girl.

I guess it's just one more fine line,
something we all must deal with.
But i dont want to ruin what this is,
whatever it is, that this may be.

And I knew when I laid there,
Just held both her hands.
I could see her through the darkness,
Not an inch from her face.
Her breathing was all I heard,
Her heartbeat all i felt.
And I just closed my eyes,
Lying right by her side,
With a certain satisfaction,
Of falling asleep in her arms.


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