Illinois is Broke

The state. The school. Palatine. All of it. Broke as hell. When i was in wisconsin this weekend, i realized something while looking at the forest coated hills draped with clouds. Illinois is flatter than your 4th grade sister. Now this is obvious to anyone, but the point is, this flatness shows that our state has no fucking character. It's like that boring ass person we all know, that we never want to talk to cause he sucks. All I'm asking for are some hills, a mountain, even a desert to keep us interested, but no. Fuck you Illinois, you suck.

To go along with Illinois' brokeness, Palatine also needs to locate an ATM. Or at least someone needs to throw a huge ass party where all of us "not in with it" fuckers can come and get hammered. Or we can just throw killer party's at barret's house, either way.

Few other things that dont involve Illinois or its sucking.
I'm going to be a millionaire by 26 maybe 27 at the latest. Entrepreneurship is where it's at. Look for me and Led on the cover of Fortune, bitches.
I also applied for transfer to Boulder. I'm really, really hoping that getting away from everything and going to Colorado will revive my motivation and my GPA. If not, there's mountains and snowboarding so no matter what it'll be better than U of I ten fold. That is, IF they accept my transfer application. Fucking GPA.


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my name is also Brian Shears

and fight club rules

good luck in the military

Google search'd.

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