Actually, just a reiteration of the last blog

JEFF GOT SERVED. I feel proud that i can create so much controversy over one little blog, but i also think everyone needs to chill just a little bit. Sit back, drink a bud, turn on the cubs, pet the dog, go kick something...whatever it is thats cools you off.

Now, that being said, I still want to be a Ranger. I know it's hard as fuck to get there. I know that once i get there i WILL be sent to war. No doubt about that. I know i will probably get shot at some point. I know that bullet could kill me. But i could also get plowed over by a DUI walking my dog at night. That's shit you cant control or give a fuck about. You just have to do what your heart guides you to, you have to do what you believe you were put here to do.

And I also dont give 2 shits at WHY im going to whatever war i would be sent to. If i wanted to choose which war is right or wrong id go into politics. You dont join the Army to voice your opinions about the war, you go to fight it, no matter when, where, or against who.

Either way, this is my plan right now. And as of right now I am going to do it. So if and when i do go through with this, when i get deployed to iraq/afghanistan/korea wherever, when i end up getting shot somewhere during that, and when i may end up dying, when you hear about it from someone, that i died fighting for our country, for the guys next to me, remember that you knew it was what i wanted to do, what i believed in, and lived for.


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