Time for some input...

I'd like to start off by saying this Wednesday starting at around 9 pm, until this sunday will all be a drunken blur to me. Can someone holler at that?

Second, here is what I need from you, the person reading this right now. I need you to answer 2 questions for me. Just click on the comments button and type it in, you dont have to put a name, or you can put someone else's name, whatever. BUT, the key to whatever you put is that you are COMPLETELY honest. No bullshit. I'm not asking for bullshit, im asking for the truth.

Question 1: Cliche, yes, but i dont care. What do you think I am best at? Can be anything.

Question 2: What career can you see me doing? Honestly, what can you picture me as, a teacher, a cop, a janitor, a porn star, whatever.

Now I'm not fishing for compliments here, so dont bullshit me with anything. If you think I suck at everything in life, tell me.

So thank you if you actually wrote a comment. If not you are immediately taken off the "list", that is if you were any good enough to grace it in the first place.

The Bard at the Ballpark


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