Acknowledgement of Mortality.

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Are you afraid of dying? Honestly, are you? I know I'm not. There's no point in it. Whatever doesnt kill me just postpones the inevitable. We are all gonna bite it someday so why worry about it now? Especially since it is out of our control. Drunk drivers, falling airplanes, toasters in the bathtub...death looms over us in every aspect of life. But we can't just sit here and crumple into a little ball and be scared of death taking us. how do i know that i dont die in my sleep tonite? I dont. Then how would i feel about my final day...i would feel terrible. I did jack shit, i didnt live today, i didnt feel. I wasted one of the extremely limited days of my life, again. Everybody always asks questions like, "what would you say to this person if you knew you were going to die tomorrow..." etc etc, but the thing is, WE DONT KNOW. Thats why i need to start acting like i have zero time left. For those of you who dont understand this, this isnt supposed to be depressing. Its supposed to be enlightening for me. I mean, i really need to start doing something with my life now before its too late. Cliche i know, but honestly, i need to do something. i sit here and assume that tomorrow is guaranteed. but in fact tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody. i really dont know where im going with this...except tell your friends thank you, tell the people you love that you love them, and come to realization of your impending doom. once we all do that then we can finally get on with life. we can finally live.


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