I really dont understand why people lie all the time.  First, id like to state that i lie as well, but i do my very best not to.  As i was saying, why do it?  When you hear "honesty is the best policy"...they aint lying.   I just dont get why people chose to tell people, especially those close to them, things that arent true.  Are they just scared of what the truth holds?  Is that the reason?  I find the worst case is when someone lies to you, about something fairly important...not some petty crap...and then later on you realize they bullshitted you and youve caught them in their bullshit and theyre stinking like ass because of it.  Only problem is that you cant come out and call their lies because theyll either cover it up with more of the same or call you a distrusting asshole for trying to figure out they werent telling you the truth. 

Either way, if you every think im bullshitting you, please call me out on it.  Just say, "shears, youre shitting me, dont be an ass and tell me the truth."  And i guess all i can ask is that you tell me how it is, straight up, no matter what u think my reaction will be. 

And on a side note...if i ever offend you personally with something i write, i apologize.  i write what i feel and i get in the moment with it and i just let it flow.  Problem is once that flow is done i usually dont go back and edit it...oh well, i write what i see as the truth in my eyes and if you get hurt in the process then i apologize once more. 


Todd Wellemeyer is the greatest relief pitcher in Cubs history and i plan on dropping 160 for his jersey and suggest you do the same(I'm talking to you Jeffe).


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