"You ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming? "

Lucid Dreaming Guide

so i wrote this whole shizzle on lucid dreams and how i had one and want to consistently be able to have them now, but blogspot darshed the whole thing.  Basically, i want to be able to escape every day life in these dreams, i want to be able to be anything in them, to control that reality...to fly.  fuckin blogspot...i spent a good 10 minutes writing that...what a wasted opportunity cost...shit, i think micro is getting to me. 

anyway, that guide is about 15 or so pages long, and you may think it's bogus, but do i look like i give a shit what you think?  ill go have a lucid dream and swat you in it...thats right, cant do much about that now, can ya?


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