Social Prerogative

All i can write about is what i feel. My own opinions and nobody else's. Which brings me to today's topic of sociality. No, not socialism and that shit, but being social as in friendly as in "going out" etc etc. Im not sure about most people, but i really dislike large parties or gatherings. I always seem to just kinda corner myself away and think of how much im not liking it and how i really want to leave. I'd much rather enjoy a night of either being with one good friend or a group of friends...say around 5 people. Just sitting around, talking, maybe drinking, maybe going out and doing something, but the main reason is just to be with those people. Back to the party topics...i mean, you go there and make apathetic conversations with people who half of the time you dont like or really dont care about. At least thats me, so i fail to see the point of going. Why hang out with someone who you dont give two shits about. Either way, im just writing out my thoughts, so if youre now thinking im an antisocial little bitch who needs to learn how to be more friendly...then you need to realize this is just how i am. i like smaller groups of close friends, like at college drinking in Greg Dowells room with jeff, keith, greg, and sometimes colin...that was good shit. but its when you get a bunch of other schmucks in there that it started to suck, because those people sucked. Im not saying im better than them, they just sucked.

Anyways id also like to take the time to thank those of you who are my good friends. The people i can just hang out with and i know it'll be a good time no matter what we are doing. I'd just like to say to all those good friends....holler.


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