Bye bye U of I/Kentucky/Nomah!

the last few days all in one simple blog

I'll begin by saying I was accepted as a transfer student to the University of Colorado at Boulder on Thursday and plan on attending this fall. This is a really good thing for me, i love colorado, i love mountains...but i dont love pot, but im sure thatll grow on me. It does suck that im leaving all the friends i made at u of i though, because they were the first "real" group of friends ive ever had in my life. Anyway, it should be a great time and i cant wait to get out there.

Then there was this weekend. On friday i picked up two college friends, jeff and keith, and made the 300 mile drive down to louisville to visit greg dowell. Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend and apparently i had the "shears smile" a lot without being sloppy drunk. But, here is the sportscenter version of the trip.

Shears wins Kentucky trip challenge by swatting keith and jeff...
thats right, i was on fire. The highlights of my awesomeness were started by the chess match i challenged jeff to. the first words out of his mouth when i asked him were, "are you sure you want play me in chess?" implying that he is a smarter person than i am and that i have no chess abilities whatsoever. To sum it up, jeff got served badly as i checkmated him all the way back to indiana.
Shears outeats keith matizzle for the first time ever...
we had chicken for the first dinner and greg's mom made a shit ton of it, so halfway through i challenge keith to see who can eat more. I won 6-3.
Shears calls sosa homerun distance on the money...
We were watching NOMAH's!!!!!(i will get to him later) debut today and after sosa jacked his homerun we all guessed how far. I said 396 happy feet. It went 396 very happy feet.

So the weekend was a great time, a lot of "nomahs!!!" and "sss ssss(the websling sound spidermans web makes when he shoots it), and a good way to spend probably the last time in a while im going to see those friends.

Do i need to say more? I thought my dad was joking when he said we got him. My friends didnt believe me when i told them. And all we gave up was A-Gone, beltran, and brendan harris who would never have played anyway. Jim Hendry is king of GMs. I will go more in depth into the Cubs and their new life in a blog later this week. But until then...Nomah!!!


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