Damn seats are so uncomfortable, he thought. If only he could have gotten an aisle seat. Oh well, the movie was only a little over two hours so his knees shouldnt be that bad. He wondered who that man must be waiting for. Nobody comes to movies alone these days.
"Hold on, this is important...Hey dude, whats up?"
Once again, the inconsiderate cell phone guy makes his appearance. However, he noticies that the man by himself is calling on his cell phone again. Now to most people this would be normal, probably just calling whoever he was meeting, but to him it was out of the ordinary. He started thinking of what it could be...who could he be calling...for what reason...who was it?
"Oh i dont know...probably turkey on whole wheat."
Paranoia strikes deep in those with worrisome hearts, so he did his best just to forget about it...but he told himself if that man gets out of his seat that he would follow him to wherever he goes.
The guy looks fidgety...who gets this nervous before a movie? Possibly myself, he thought, always expecting the worse, always thinking everyone was a crook, criminal, or terrorist. Just chill, he told himself, dont worry, youre here to see a good movie, so sit back and enjoy it...plus, who would want to do anything to a midnight showing of Collateral? Exactly...nobody would, it doesnt make any sense...

The man got up. That was it, he had to follow him. This wasnt normal behavior for an average moviegoer. He waited until the man was all the way down the stairs, then got up in pursuit. This "man" was in jeans, a dark grey shirt, with a black windbreaker over it. He was balding and looked like he was in his late 30s. American. Definately your everyday United States citizen...not the common perception of al qaeda...middle eastern, bearded, and middle 20s. This man walks towards the main entrance area of the theater, nods, and then shakes the hand of someone that just walked in. Well, he thinks, I guess this was just my worrisome nature taking its toll on me. He starts walking back towards theater 7 where his movie is. The whole time pondering how he could be so damn paranoid. He keeps telling himself, those guys aren't terrorists, they are just normal movie going people and i have to learn to stop being so frickin...

The doors opened for him. The force of 10 sticks of C-4 explosives planted strategically throughout the theater rip through seats and human parts and then explode past the door. He is blown 30 feet behind him, into the glass counter displaying an assortment of chocolates and candys. Blind, deaf, and bleeding all over his body, he forces himself to his feet. All that he can see is smoke pouring out of the 2 sets of double doors from theater 7. It travels across the cieling like a snake slithering into the dark. Darkness spreading into all he can see. But then the darkness is pierced by the screams. People shouting, crying, and choking for breath. As the dark continues to overcome him, he sees hands digging at the ground where the doors used to be. Hands the struggle to pull the weight of a torso that no longer has a lower half. Those woman's hands continue to claw their way into the main hallway just enough so he could see her face...a young ladys face coated in the charcoal of smoke, the dampness of blood, and devout of any life. Yet, as he passed out from the glass wounds in his back, he could see the simple and plain emotion of wonderment on her face...seeming to ask God why he would ever allow something so terrible...so horrific to ever happen on his earth.


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