envision the parrallel of what you are. discover the need. a house burns along the corner while everyone watches the screams. jumping flames grab toward the scarred sky only to fall short once again. terrified, alone it slowly crumbles. crushing the land that once held it so high. discover the life. an ocean churns awaiting another. a newborn son slowly falls into the dark sea. drowning in his own cries he never saw the world. a mother weeps. discover the pain. cold, dry on the cracked floor she stares into the darkness. blood slowly crosses her lips as she licks away the memory. blurred vision and deep grey eyes forget the scars. clenching her fists again as he comes back to strike once more. bright light fills the void of her life, pain is all she has. discover the choice. as fate slowly walked behind him, he stared past the brown table. shrieks of encouragment plagued his mind from below. floorboards creaked as decisions grew closer. carefully he arched he cold, dead eyes towards the cieling. denial was not an option.



Anonymous Jesus said...

Reading this right before I head to bed should make for some awesome dreams. My life was so incomplete without the Shears blog...so glad that its back!

12:48 AM  

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