First blog might as well start out with a story of my own humiliation. Ok, so I made the very, very bad mistake of actually trusting my friends on Scott 3 with holding my vodka for a couple weeks. So, a friend of mine swaps my vodka with water. I noticied it last week when I poured a flask of it and went to a party while i was thinking, "hey, this tastes like water," but i was too drunk to really care. The kicker was tonite when i offer a friend a birthday shot of this "vodka" and when i take it i think, "what the shit, this is water." And not to be a little bitch i go chew out the guy who was holding it for the last 2 weeks. I bitch at him, I yell at him, I point a vicious finger at him...all while my good friends watch and snicker to themselves. Then the culprit comes clean and says he took it as he watches my pissed off face walk down the hall. Where's Ashton Kutcher? I don't see him? But I should cause I just got PUNK'D. Yes I was furiously pissed off, and yes I meant every word of it, BUT i apologize to those yelled at and those who witnessed the escapade. I just wanted to stand up for myself for once but ended up getting played in the end. Oh whats up life, you giving me a chance to prove myself...?....SWAT. I just got swatted. Oh well, I'm going to take my naive, optimistic, the world is NOT corrupted views with me and continue on in my life.

Now let this be a lesson to all...you can screw me over, take my money, and kick me in the pants, but dont ever, and I mean EVER touch my vodka. Or there will be serious consequences.


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