Here are my honest thoughts of people who affect my life...
just in case you didn't know how i felt bout ya

(in no particular order...)
Jeff: A best friend
Hux: Also a best friend
Rid aka Old Man: Another best friend/Funniest person I know/companion in bitching about shadiness of it all
Juan: A really nice guy but seems to have the potential to kill somebody
Led: One of the most awesome guys I know, I regret not chillin and gettin pulled over by the cops more with him in high school
Keith: Is probably one of the meanest people I have met, but I know he has a really good side to him that most people dont see, which gives me hope that the nice keith will someday prevail
Greg Dowell aka jesus: appreciate his brutal honesty in all subjects, because not too many people too that
Melissa: i dont understand how i can love her and dislike her so much at the same time, but i do
Lindsey: probably one of my best woman friends that i have, i can tell her anything cause i know she'll rip on me no matter what im going to say
Steph: will always have my heart no matter how much or how little i talk to her or see her or anything
Jill: I like her personality, because it seems she actually has some innocence in her, and that isnt around too much these days
Hannah: her always chipper attitude seems to brighten my day whenever i talk to her
Malone: I could probably talk for hours about baseball and the Cubs with him and that is always a good thing
Ganz/Gayler/Reid: Can always look to them to have some good laughs, and yes, i forgot about Reid when i originally made the list, but hey, when a man gets ya some capt morgan, you gotta put him on the list
Kimak: Another guy i can always talk Cubs or any ol' subject with, definately a good quality

I apologize if you're reading this and were left of the list, that means 1 of 2 things. Either I,
1)Really really dont like you
2)You dont do anything that has any impact on my life
if you are offended by this,
please chill out, drink a beer, and realize
it doesnt matter at all
its just my opinion and yall shouldnt curr if i dont curr ya hurr?



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