Wishing I had been caught,
I ponder a decision.
Am I the only one who sees
life this way?
As cruel, not unusual,
painful, mean, and corrupted.
As if everyone is being devoured
by the immorality of everyday life.
Taken in its grasp as a child,
torn, twisted, and turned
For the worse.
Innocence annihilated by the culture
That we have created.
It's not children shooting children,
But mankind's cruelty towards each other.
Our selfish degradation of
Every other living person.
We are not blind,
As we can easily see our own needs.
However, someone once said,
"That is the most selfish thing a person can do."
And the more I think,
The more I agree.
Since liberating oneself of the world's misery,
Is just an easy road out.
But, to stand up for my beliefs,
Now that is just the opposite.
Because instead of taking myself from
All this corruption, sin, and evil.
I will take what is immoral
Away from this world.


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