Yo I got A D D tho...

After spending 2 and a half hours driving from good ol palatine back to Chambana last night, I came upon a realization: I have never REALLY studied in my life. Now, I have "studied" by going over stuff for about 20-30 minutes perhaps the day before the test if not the day of, but i have never really put in over an hour into one single test study session. All i ever did through high school and junior high was just "show up" and i would get by with fairly decent grades. That was all I needed to do. However, now that I have reached college, showing up(even though that sometimes doesnt happen) doesnt get the job done and I am getting my ass kicked by easy classes.

So let's say i actually try to sit down and study, here's what happens. For the first five or so minutes i can focus on what i am supposed to do, but then comes the big problem. Some stupid, off topic thought will creep into my head and ill just spend a minute or two thinking about that. Then something else will pop into my head and i start thinking about that. But, as i try to fight this and focus on studying, i dont get any real studying done because my mind is too busy fighting the thoughts about whatever stupid thing i was thinking about. it really is a vicious cycle and at some point im going to need to break that cycle. I assumed a D+ in chemistry and a 2.6 gpa would wake my ass up but it didnt.

So what do i do...take drugs? Ridalin? Adderall? Cocaine? I need something cause the grades arent gettin any better.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The sad thing is i should be studying for a big math test but i'm sitting here writing this...


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