Cross into the Blue...

Well, I've been talking to an Air Force recruiter the past few weeks, and it is seeming more and more likely that I will be enlisting. It is one of those thing where i feel if I dont do this, im going to look back later on in life and be upset i never did it.

The jobs i am considering are air battle management, intel, and secruity forces. For air battle management, i would be an aircrew memeber on an AWACS(airborne warning and control system) plane and coordinate the battle. If i chose intel, the basic idea would be either going over imagery and analyzing it, or deciding what kind of bomb is required to blow up a certain building, that sort of thing. And finally for security forces, i would join that wanting to eventually work with the bomb sniffing dogs, which happen to be german shephards, which happen to be the dog i want to get eventually.

Either way, I'm not signed up yet, but as i said before, it is a high possibility. Until then, I'll just keep getting credit hours so i can enter as a higher pay grade.


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